Nestlé Waters is committed to on-going support to deliver truckloads of its Ice Mountain® brand and Nestlé Pure Life® brand of bottled water

Flint, Mich. — A Marine Veteran’s next mission is to deliver bottled water donated by Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) to Flint to ease the water crisis. Indianapolis native Josh Tolen, a member of a worldwide charitable organization called the Bearded Villains, plan to lead the delivery of 20 pallets of Nestlé Pure Life® brand of bottled water, which is 1,680 cases or 33,600 bottles of water to Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Flint (2300 Lapeer Rd.) early Saturday afternoon.

The Marine veteran, who served until 2001, volunteers time helping the homeless, contacted his sister Brandi Correa about how they could help the citizens in Flint. Brandi Correa and Tim Medjeski of TRM Logistics, contacted NWNA about donating bottled water and Hoosiers Air Transport to provide a freight truck to deliver the water. They plan to load the bottled water into the freighter Friday at noon at the Nestlé Water N.A. Plant in Greenwood, Indiana. (900 Commerce Pkwy W Drive). Tolen, his sister and buddies will follow the freighter in their pick up trucks loaded with donated water from Indianapolis citizens and convoy to Flint.

Nestlé Waters has donated more than 75,000 bottles of water to the Flint community. Recently, Nestlé Waters sent three and one half trailer truckloads of water, one to Flint schools, one half to Genesee Health and the remaining to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). Within in next couple days, two additional trucks will be going to the East Michigan food bank at the request of disaster partner Americares.

Nestlé Waters is committed to on-going support, working through state and local authorities to deliver truckloads of its Ice Mountain® brand and Nestlé Pure Life® brand of bottled water. From its bottling facility in Mecosta County, Michigan, Nestlé Waters has been active in responding to the public health need. This began in the early fall when Governor Snyder’s Administration signaled its need for bottled water, and just last week when additional shipments of Ice Mountain and Nestlé Pure Life were coordinated through the State Emergency Operations Center in Flint.

The company continues to be in contact with the state crisis center to offer bottled water supplies as the situation evolves. The bottled water industry takes seriously its responsibility as a critical supplier of safe drinking water at times when public water supplies are interrupted. Nestlé Waters relies on its logistics and transportation networks to safely bottle and transport water to local relief centers, to be a provider to the federal emergency agency and to supply neighborhood stores.



With more than 36 years of experience promoting healthy hydration, Nestlé Waters North America has 15 leading U.S. and Canadian bottled water brands. The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, especially in the areas of water use, packaging and energy, as well as its dedication to partnering in the communities where it operates, have led Nestlé Waters to achieve the number one bottled drinking water position in the U.S. Nestlé Waters has 7,500 employees and 29 bottled water facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Ice Mountain Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is a brand of Nestlé Waters North America.
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