Here are some additional interesting data found in the statewide poll:

  • The survey is a +10 percent Democratic (41 percent Dem – 31 percent Republican). We have received criticism from Trump supporters for including too many Dems and Clinton supporters for having too small of a lead. Must be about right!
  • 83 percent of the undecided voters have an unfavorable opinion of both Clinton and Trump. No wonder they are undecided.
  • Clinton is hurt by having third party candidates on the ballot more than Trump is by a couple percent. Clinton leads by 8 percent when we ask a two candidate only ballot test. Apparently voters who dislike both candidates, find her a safer landing place when they are not given other options.
  • Trump leads among teetotalers and Clinton leads among those who consume alcoholic beverages. Trump leads Clinton by 1% among those who say they don’t drink. Clinton leads Trump by 4 percent among beer drinkers, 9 percent among wine drinkers and a whooping 24% who prefer to consume hard liquor. The results could shift if this election drives more people to drink.
  • Clinton is winning by 14 percent (45 percent to 31 percent) with 9 percent voters who have already cast their absentee ballots. However, Clinton and Trump are tied 38 percent to 38 percent among those 18% of the voters who said they planned on voting by absentee ballots. Trump supporters could be waiting to see if he says one last thing that puts them over the top.
  • Polarizing? Only 1 percent of Trump voters have a positive impression of Clinton. And only 1 percent of Clinton voters have a positive view of Trump.
  • Education gap? Clinton leads by 7 percent among those with a high school eduction or less. Trump leads by 2 percent among those who have attended some college (but no 4 year degree) or vocational school. Clinton leads by 9 percent among those voters who have a four year college degree or more.
  • Even though Clinton leads Trump by 16 percent among women voters (46 percent – 30 percent) only 34 percent of women have a positive impression of Clinton. 53 percent of female voters have a negative impression of the potential first women President.

A full set of cross tabs on the presidential questions can be found  here at our web site.

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